Why the Bible bans magick

I believe I figured out why magick is banned in the bible. And no, it's not merely because
>i-its demonic, Luca!
Then explain higher/white magick that the church uses during mass.

Lemme start with a question:
Have you ever met other occultists in person?
They're absolute buttholes! This isn't just my opinion. Lyam Thomas Christopher, author of 'Kabbalah, Magick, and the Great Work of Self-Transformation' recently started a YT channel. Even he explained that often, you'll meet an accomplished magickian/occultist, and even though they've made connection with the higher-self, they can be arrogant, egocentric, and down-right buttholes. He explains "it's the ego at play and they don't realize it as they tend not to have a teacher who can assist them with this".

And now, I understand WHY magick was banned in the Bible.
First my belief on why, then my explanation as to how I got here.
Simply put, it's banned because most people have no idea how to control their ego, which becomes inflated and ends up hurting their higher-selfs' potential. It's that simple.

>B-but Mr. Crown, that's too simple an explanation.
I will post more to explain my point.

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  1. 4 months ago

    Every RHP practicioner I've come across has been very down to earth.

    Every LHP practitioner I've met has been a narcissist.

    Many such cases.

    • 4 months ago

      Obviously, but I'll get to that.

      Now, this also takes my understanding of how the human is set up.
      You got your:
      - higher-self
      - subconscious
      - ego

      So the higher-self is this ever present soul we speak of. The "ghost in the shell" for you animu lovers.

      This is what ultimately pay the consequence for your actions and what you do. This is the part that will move on.
      >Oh so I'll be me after I move on.
      No, absolutely not. The ego dies with the body. The ego was created by the body.

      The issue though, is that the higher-self can only communicate with other egos through the ego of the body it's connected to.
      It's not that the higher-self isn't becoming brighter and moving itself back into connection with the Divine.
      It's that the ego conflates itself with the higher-self.

      And you see this with a lot of magickal practitioners.

    • 4 months ago

      what about the middle and thru path? (self-teaching + "golden rule"-following)

      • 4 months ago

        That's something I'm learning about actually.
        It's extremely hard. It's the law of polarity. The middle path is the hardest to walk because both sides want to pull you in. To keep you part of the cycle.

        I'd say a perfect example of that cycle is modern Christianity.
        >I fricked up, I need forgiveness
        >stay on a good path for a short while, eventually frick off back to a path that causes suffering
        >oh no I fricked up again, I need forgiveness
        >the cycle continues

        Taking the middle path directly to the Divine will always be difficult.

        • 4 months ago

          It's a real thing then? nice. I figured the left/right trick was a trap and the way out is to reject the dichotomy.
          fork path = Y ("pick a side!")
          fake middle path = |/ (compromise between two wrong ideas = half and half, all wrong)
          correct path = Y— (between and through, 4th way) (imagine a 3 legged base for a vertical pole)

          you ride that friction like between two magnets and shoot out of the cube

  2. 4 months ago

    So let's start with Genesis.
    >God says "no eat fruit of Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil"
    >Snek say "no u"
    >Eve eats, Adam eats, nudity appears, God is pissed, Adam says it's Eve's fault, God makes Adam responsible for everything outside of giving birth (literally)

    What does this have to do with anything?

    As Peterson pointed out numerous times, in the Jungian understanding, nudity was representative of becoming aware of their vulnerability. They lost their innocence because they understood that they could be hurt, could be ultimately killed, that their actions can have consequence. Actually rather thought provoking in how psychologically well put together the story is.
    Anyways, moving on.
    It already showed that man (as a whole) has an issue with taking responsibility and will do whatever he can to make sure he doesn't have to pay negative consequences. But ultimately, he will have to.
    Moving on their are stories of Moses who tried to pressure God into doing something, and then God let him die before he saw the promise land. The Solomon. Oh, Solomon. Glorious magickian! But for all his wisdom, decided to worship deities that were not The Almighty Creator. Ein Sof.
    And for this, he is not tasked to travel with his army through the ether for whatever person.

    • 4 months ago

      Stopped reading there. He’s a drug addict and his book is schizo diagrams about dragons

  3. 4 months ago

    Magick isn't banned, it's a deliberate mistranslation done by astute government.
    Don't care about yew religion tho.

    • 4 months ago

      The problem is, is they often conflate themselves with The Creator.
      That old saying:
      >We are just the divine experiencing itself, you are god
      Yes and no. And I mean that.
      That's like saying "you are your parents because they created you."
      You're conflating The Creator with the creation.

      And this is what the ego does. The ego can not, absolutely can not come to terms with non-existence. This is why sometimes ghosts appear. One of the explanations I find for ghosts is the ego of the deceased manifesting itself outside of the physical body after it's died.

      Can it cause problems for what happens with the higher-self afterwards? Probably. I honestly don't know. But it would see that this issue of the ego conflating itself with the higher-self is part of why so many, and yes especially LHP, magickians are buttholes.

      But I'd love to know your thoughts.

      I'm not israeli, but I still hold to certain Christian ideas because I do believe Christ was one of the best physical representations of the Divine/Almighty Creator we have had on this planet in our current history. (probably manifested before with other civilizations in a different way of course).

      • 4 months ago

        The religion is israeli is all I say. The example of Yeshua as avatar is a very bad one, with unrealistic expentance of man. (He who keeps on sinning is from the devil and doesn't know me).

        • 4 months ago

          Define "unrealistic" and "sinning".
          Because it's unrealistic to stab your eye out for looking at a woman with lust, but some psycho's out there have done it (even though I'm certain He was being hyperbolic when He said that)
          Also the root word of "sin" is the latin "sont" which meant "guilty". And Christ emphasised forgiveness. And from what I've seen, the MP emphasis's forgiving yourself for not being perfect. (hyperbole)

          • 4 months ago

            Sin is missing the mark regarding YHVH requirement, which is " be perfect like your father is perfect".
            And none other than perfection is required.

            Christians love to larp about how they are pardoned, when in reality you don't have a built in forgive-o-meter do you?

            Case in point: gnostic religion, you are saved when you finslly get the clearest signs of all, knowing god, but Christian religion? You go in blind.

          • 4 months ago

            But it's clear you have no idea how Christianity evolved out of the Yahwehist sect of Judaism. I'm also guessing you have no idea the amount of mysticism that was involved with early Christianity.

            See, my problem here is they too are expecting perfection, with this whole "the world is created by a corrupt being the real god wants us back", why do you expect existence to be painless and perfect?

          • 4 months ago

            I don't talk about gnosis in a Christian sense, but druidic. You probably havent heard of the religion.
            We expect darkness.

          • 4 months ago

            I've been looking for the long lost druid forums, a little help for a fellow lost druid?

  4. 4 months ago

    prevent uprising of competition / dissolution

  5. 4 months ago

    There's no reason to namegay.

  6. 4 months ago

    It was modified to be against it. The bible has been soiled for ages with each revision it worsens.

  7. 4 months ago

    Man why does everyone here type out so much and say so little.

    • 4 months ago

      part of it is rebellion against linguistic minimalism frfr no cap wdym ik atleast bruh deadass

  8. 4 months ago

    World War Scammer, magical edition

  9. 4 months ago

    also because they where doing things like sacrificing kids to idols to avert bad harvests and win battles, it got out of control so the Isrealites rightly said frick this were starting a new system

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