Which is the best one from a non religious view?

Which is the best one from a non religious view?

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  1. 7 months ago

    Nice reference reddit.

    • 7 months ago


  2. 7 months ago

    Of the books, the Quran next to the Bible.
    Of the religions, none are correct.

    • 7 months ago

      I thought the Koran was boring af
      It says the same thing over and over and over and over and over interspersed with bits of Bible stories and characters that don't make any sense or seem to serve no point, like "did you know Jesus once called a table of food down from heaven?".

      • 7 months ago

        >It says the same thing over and over and over
        Religion 101

      • 7 months ago

        You don't get it because it's extremely condensed wisdom. There are tons of ways you can reflect over a single verse.

      • 7 months ago
        Cult of Passion

        >Jesus once called a table of food down from heaven
        Mashallah, these miracles!

  3. 7 months ago

    >Jews aren't very original (Zoroastrianism)
    >Judaism: The Sequel (Christianity)
    >Judiasm: True Aryan Edition (Yazdanism)
    >Judaism: The Retcon-Reboot (Islam)
    >Judaism: The Sequel: The Spinoff (Mormonism)
    >Hipster Monotheism (Atenism)
    >Batshit Insane Monotheism (Gnosticism)
    >Indo-Euro Polytheism: Original Flavor (Mesopotamian)
    >Indo-Euro Polytheism: Papyrus Flavor (Ancient Egyptian)
    >Indo-Euro Polytheism: Yahweh Flavor (West Semitic)
    >Indo-Euro Polytheism: LSD Flavor (Hindu)
    >Indo-Euro Polytheism: Mead Flavor (Germanic/Norse)
    >Indo-Euro Polytheism: Vodka Flavor (Slavic/Baltic)
    >Indo-Euro Polytheism: Gandalf Flavor (Finnish)
    >Indo-Euro Polytheism: Olive Oil Flavor (Greek)
    >Indo-Euro Polytheism: Cultural Appropriation Flavor (Roman)
    >Indo-Euro Polytheism: Ye Olde Flavour (Celtic)
    >Asian Polytheism: Monkey King Flavor (Chinese Folk Religion)
    >Asian Polytheism: Ghosts and Monsters Flavor (Shinto)
    >Asian Polytheism: Yeti Flavor (Himalayas)
    >Asian Polytheism: Tengri Flavor (Turkic-Mongol)
    >Asian Polytheism: Discount LSD Flavor (SE Asia)
    >Asian Philosophy: For Hobos Edition (Buddhism)
    >Asian Philosophy: Austrian School Edition (Daoism)
    >Asian Philosophy: You Dishonor Your Family Edition (Confucianism)
    >Island Polytheism: Incest Rape Dream Flavor (Australian)
    >Island Polytheism: Ohana Flavor (Polynesian)
    >American Polytheism: Sunny-D Flavor (Incan)
    >American Polytheism: Decapitation Flavor (Moche)
    >American Polytheism: Blood Flavor (Aztec)
    >American Polytheism: Chocolate Flavor (Mayan)
    >Misc. Native American folk religion
    >Misc. Native African folk religion
    >Modern Religion: Worships The Concept of No God Edition (Atheism)
    >Modern Religion: Desecrates The Ancient Ways Edition (Modern "Paganism")
    >Modern Religion: Aliens Or Some Shit Edition (New Age)
    >Modern Religion: They Don't Actually Worship Him Edition (Satanism)
    >Modern Religion: Legal Action Edition (Scientology

    • 7 months ago

      >Desecrates The Ancient Ways
      That would be Christianity seeing as they literally DESTROYED the ancient ways in all conceivable ways.

    • 7 months ago

      Polytheism: Incest Rape Dream Flavor (Australian)
      What do you mean?

  4. 7 months ago

    The Quran is a pretty good shounen, but I prefer a good seinen like the TaNaK and Bible, though it seems like a josei at times.

  5. 7 months ago

    From a non religious view? Definitely the Torah. It has cool stories in it, like Moses's wizard battle with Pharaoh's magicians. NT and Quran is just boring motherfrickers talking.

  6. 7 months ago

    The Torah off course. It promotes tribalism, self-help, partriarchy and many other based values.

  7. 7 months ago

    As a hindu bull, the best one would be Catholicism, they are moronic but have crazy hot women

  8. 7 months ago

    Torah/Tanakh, it's most interesting from a historical perspective

  9. 7 months ago

    Jesus in space

  10. 7 months ago

    The Christian Bible is just the Director's Cut Extended Edition of the israeli Bible.

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